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Job Interview Match Dance…

People forget that the purpose of a job interview is not just to get the job. Sound strange to you? It’s not. You go to a job interview to discover whether your talents, abilities, interests and direction are a good fit for the job, the company, and the company’s mission. I admire candidates who come in for a first interview, meet the team, learn about the company, and call me to say they don’t think it’s a good match. Why string me on?

At the same time, employers have the same obligation. If you have decided a candidate is not a good match for the position, tell the candidate. Don’t string all of the candidates on until you make your final decision. It’s not fair and, in my mind, it’s unethical.

Additionally, once you have decided the person is a poor match, if you eventually select that applicant, you are settling. Bad, bad, bad. Let’s all be more respectful of people in the employee selection process.

This match is particularly important now because, with so many people unemployed, and many unemployed for a long time, candidates will reach out to take any job offered. If it’s the wrong candidate for your open position, you will spend time, money, and psychic energy later when it’s time to let an unsuccessful employee go. So, the job match dance is even more critical now to employers.

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