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Simple policy tweak improves workers’ health, productivity

Your company policies directly impact employees’ risk of heart disease, how much they sleep and their families’ well-being, eight separate studies have found.

Implementing flexible policies can add years to your employees’ lives, according to a three-year nationwide study released by the Work, Family and Health Network.

The following findings for the study were compiled by eight federally-funded research teams:

Workers are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease if there is little willingness in the workplace to accommodate employees’ family needs — like caring for a sick child or attending one of their kids’ sporting events.
People who work for companies that are flexible about where and when work is done get an average of 30 minutes more sleep per night.
Employees who experienced tension in the office say they feel out of touch with their child’s activities.

Communicate flexibility
While many companies have added flex-time or telecommuting policies, close to 40% of employees believe they’d be less likely to advance at their company if they asked for flex schedules, found the study.

That means companies that want their employees to take advantage of flex policies need to assure workers these activities won’t put their job security or career goals at risk.

It pays to communicate that message, according to the study. Companies with a more flexible culture benefited from:

less unnecessary work being done
increased employee support for the organization, and
a 45% reduction in employee turnover.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hrmorning/~3/wOieNaHa9Wc/



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