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Relevance of psychometric assessments in HR/Training

It is important that trainers must carefully plan and develop activities to meet the needs of the individual employees, teams, departments and or organizational functions. Today we find most organizations make use of instructional technology such as web based training, work simulators etc for achieving a set of skill acquisition objectives. Though it is an expensive process, most organizations consider it to be a necessary cost to company. Hence it becomes vital that such programs take into consideration the specific individual characteristics of the learner to maximize benefit.

Psychometric analysis mirrors an individual’s personality as well as helps identify his job based competencies. Psychometric testing also provides an objective tool to assess the training needs of employees as well as their learning styles before they undertake any kind of training. A training program that is completely based on learning facilitated through visual cues might not be very beneficial to an individual who assimilates information more readily when he is listening to another’s instructions. Yet another might find learning faster when he’s on the job. Some individuals find they are unable to learn in structured environments. Some may adopt an analytical approach to problem solving while others might prefer the trial-and-error learning approach. There could also be differences in theoretical and practical learning orientation which could have a major impact on training outcomes. It is important to remember that no single thinking style is better or worse than any other, they are just different. The key factor is to be aware of which works best for a particular person in order that the training he receives would effect faster improvements by facilitating improved information processing.

It is not only necessary to find the right person for the right job but also identify the right training technique to ensure easy and effective learning by the employee once he’s been selected.


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